What techniques do you use?
We use only iron, fire, anvil and hammer. Old techniques as they were used centuries ago. We are very careful to maintain this authentic technique in order to guarantee the FORJA NOBLE products. We do not use neither machinery nor any manipulation to imitate ancients pieces. Actually, almost all sellers use tin or plate engraving to simulate robust pieces. Another common mistake is the so-called pavonados finish, black painted pieces with artificial aspect. The easiest way to discover the deceit of the false forge is to compare two pieces: if they are identical it is because they have been necessarily machine -made. That is not forge
Do you use a smelting process?
It depends on the products, basically on the nails. This process consists in emptying the smelted iron from the crucible to the sand moulds, as our old ancestors did. These authentic iron nails look wonderfully when placed in one of our Main Doors and Rustic Doors.
Are the measures the exact ones?
No. The same artisan process and our philosophy of production do not allow standardisation of shapes and measures. This is our difference in quality. All the pieces of a model are similar and they can be placed in groups or couples, www.portonclasico.com and they would fit perfectly, although there would be millimetrical differences between them. We hope that our clients appreciate such imperfections as a sign of exclusivity of our products.
What are the possible products finishes?
For the products to be placed in Main Doors and Rustic Doors, you should visit www.portonclasico.com. Many different product finishes can be chosen: wax, greases, paintings, etc. However we prefer that our clients use their imagination to get their expected results. The iron goes easily rusty and the consignments will probably arrive to their destinations with some quantity of oxide that shall be eliminated or highlighted according to the needs of each user.